How to Copy file Names: Web Group UK today work is very importat for the people that want to copy file name with a complete files in the folder. First we need to explian what our tech will do for you. Some times we need to do simple work but its hard to do so these type of techniques help those people that want shortcuts.

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You have lot of picture in a folder. Mean over a 1000 or over a 10,000 our technique help you to done this in minutes. You can do this with all other things too, mean documents, html or css files. Everthing that you want you can do with this so now we just take you to our technique.

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Copy Complete File Names within a Folder

In the Micro Soft Windows ( XP, 7, 10 )  it works like this.

1. Hold the Keyboard “Shift” key.
2. Right click with your mouse on the folder containing the files
3. In the different list of options select “Open Command Window Here
4. After that Type “dir /b > filenames.txt” within the Command Window and press “Enter” Key.
5. Now look Inside the folder
6. In this folder now be a file name filenames.txt containing names of all the files etc.
7. Just inside same folder.
4. If you need than Copy and paste this file list into your Word document.

Note: We are not sure how to do that on Mac OS.
But as a windows expert i know there is always certainly a way
maybe somebody other can contribute with  another advice.

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